Bitcoin Wallet


If you still not have a Bitcoin Wallet, you can open one in few minutes and steps with Coinbase.

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How to buy Bitcoin with Coinbase

Coinbase is certainly one of the best wallets on how to buy Bitcoin but not only, in fact as well as buy Bitcoin you can also use it to buy Ethereum and Litecoin, two other very interesting cryptocurrencies and ranking for their market capitalization.

So let’s see how to buy Bitcoin with Coinbase, showing you step by step how to do it.

First you have to subscribe to Coinbase then -> click here The advantage of registering through this guide is that you will receive $ 10 free on a deposit of at least $ 100!

So once you have registered, enter all your real data and one very important thing is that you have to upload the required documents, then the identity card, or passport or driving license. They may even ask you to upload a selfie while holding the document in your hand.

Loading documents on Coinbase sometimes gets slightly complicated but do not give up, we can give you some advice.

They give you the possibility to do it directly from the computer by activating the webcam or by phone. We suggest you do it by phone. By choosing this option you will receive an SMS with a link. Then click on the link that comes to you by text message and you can now upload documents by taking a picture directly from your phone.

When you have uploaded the documents, Coinbase will have to verify them and if everything is correct and therefore if they have verified you, you will have to add a payment method, then credit card or bank transfer.

Now go to the top menu on Buy / Sell as on the picture :

As you can see, you can buy not only Bitcoin, but also buy Ethereum and Litecoin. In the future they could also add other cryptocurrencies.

So as shown in the picture above, choose the coin to purchase, enter the amount and then click on the blue button Buy Bitcoin now.

As you can see if you buy with a credit card, there are limits, if you want to increase them click on Increase limits as you can see on the picture above.

The advantages of Coinbase is that you can withdraw funds into your bank account so you can spend your Bitcoins.