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Pointers for Buying a Car

It is a thrilling decision when you have made up your mind to buy a car – regardless of the make and model, having your very own transport and going for long drives is extremely enjoyable and really ups the adrenaline level.

But then again, you need to process systematically and not act on a whim.

Here are a few things to remember while purchasing a car:

  • Set up the car loan first – once you are approved for the loan, you are able to find out the interest rate offered, which helps you negotiate on that, as well as the price of the vehicle after visiting dealerships.

  • If you have a trade-in you should get it appraised and check the price of the car you are purchasing as well. There are several online tools that can help you out in this situation – pricing is based on the current market. Look at the available incentives for a better bargain.

  • While it is good to narrow the choices somewhat, you shouldn’t be too rigid as well. Maintaining flexibility in options and colors helps to widen the horizon when it comes to range. You choose the make and model online itself and then search for a dealership nearby.

  • It is advisable to utilize a “Price Promise” program if available – it provides an up-front rate of a particular model, which is basically a fixed price. Print the receipt of the program that details the price and go to the dealership to close the deal. In case there isn’t any program, you can shop via a dealership’s Internet department as well.

  • A price comparison is always required – ask for estimates online from at least 3-4 local dealers. Quote the lowest figure to the other dealerships and ask them to beat this price – if they can adjust it, guarantee you will purchase the car from them. It might take a while to strike a good bargain but it is definitely the time and effort invested in it.

  • The price of purchasing a car is a consolidation of numerous fees – ask for a detailed breakup so you can review them before signing the paperwork. Don’t forget to request for a report stating the car is free from defects such as dents, chips, scratches etc. and contains all equipment as discussed beforehand.

Keep this information in mind while buying a car as it will prove handy – all the best!

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