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Getting a new car is your moment of glory – you should enjoy and bask in it! But after that comes the tough part as to how you can personalize the vehicle, to make it “your baby”. It includes sprucing it up, making a couple of tweaks, etc. till it is raring to go – that is exactly why you need accessories.

Car accessories that can help to make your ride smoother and more convenient are listed here – please take a look:

Entertainment Center

If you are fond of long road trips, then a state-of-the-art in-car DVD player and entertainment system is a must, to beat the monotony that sets in after an hour or so. Listening to some music helps you drive better while a movie DVD can help others pass the time in a more enjoyable manner.

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Window Deflectors

Rain or snow getting inside your car can spoil the interiors. Moreover, if you have electronic gadgets inside it can cause problems. The deflectors prevent rain from entering the car when your windows are down. You can enjoy a nice drive on a rainy day and leave the windows open. Sunroof equipped cars should be fitted with these as they deflect winds too.

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Seat Cushion

Nothing is more comforting than relaxing on a soft seat cushion while driving. These are ergonomically designed to reduce the pressure on your back and bottom. You can get them with built-in massagers too. These are even more necessary if you travel long distances on a regular basis.

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Multi-hub Charger

You never know when your mobile phone battery runs out. It becomes extremely problematic in case of emergencies when you need to make important calls. Furthermore, every member of your family must use a separate mobile phone, so a multi-hub charger is a useful and practical purchase for you. It can be used for charging laptops, tablets, iPods, etc.

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Night Vision

If you return home late, or go out partying with friends at night, there is a high chance you could be involved in a collision on a dark road. Night vision displays project a clear image of what likes ahead of you, so you can avoid and drive carefully.

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Cellphone Holder

Since you can’t talk while driving, you need to put your phone somewhere. If you leave it lying about it might roll below the seats or the surface might bump against something causing nicks and scratches. Cell phone holders protect your phone from being jostled or shifted while driving – they are mounted on your suction cup, car lighter, charger socket or dashboard.

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Accessories are not just for visual appeal – they are necessities too and guarantee a comfortable car ride whether it is for work purposes or going for a long drive!

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